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 How We Got So Hot 

It all began with two friends; perennial travelers and amateur cooks with a shared love of spicy, flavorful food, discussing the big mysteries of life. Mysteries like, “Why do we both own so many hot sauces?” 

Hot sauce was the one recipe they couldn’t quite nail. On the hunt for something tangy but not overwhelming, the two got to work creating something with a complex flavor that was still subtle enough to enjoy without sweating all over their food.

Inspired by their tendency to roam and explore new frontiers, the two tapped favorite recipes from the American South and West and created a blend that was fancier than the typical table sauce, but didn’t compete with the taste of their own culinary creations. 

The final product earned “WOO!” approvals from their tasting team, and thus, Woos was born!

With a medium-hot heat that’s bright yet smoky, Woos is clean and simple enough to let your food stand out, but crafted and seasoned with a small batch care that somehow makes your dishes shine even brighter.

Woos is good on just about anything coming out of the kitchen—tacos, veggies, breakfast eggs, pizza, you name it.

Keep it on your shelf and pack it for your next trip. You won’t want to forget this one at home.

We are

  • Small batch, with big flavor
  • Intentionally crafted with straightforward ingredients
  • Not overwhelming to eaters
  • Good on anything and everything