How We Got So Hot


After a road trip spent roaming the rivers, boats, docks, coasts, garages, backyards, and ballgames of the southeast – what a group of young dads enjoyed the most were the catches, cookouts, and bar food along the way. But, during their travels, the guys saw a need for a hot sauce that could really keep up with their habitual need for flavor. Something that would work on anything, anywhere.

While still big fans of the everyday hot sauces they grew up with, these traveling Charleston boys wanted something that balanced versatility with quality. So, they created Woos! Hot Sauce. Dad-made, in America.

At various levels of heat, Woos! lands flavor-first on any food at hand. Finished with back-pocket readiness, each flask-style bottle is made with life-on-the-move in mind. Because flavor should follow you anywhere.

We are

  • Small batch, with big flavor
  • Intentionally crafted with straightforward ingredients
  • Not overwhelming to eaters
  • Good on anything and everything