Woosie Bloody Mary

the woosie bloody mary on a red background with a bottle of woos! ultimate hot sauce


Bloody Marys can take many forms ranging in a blend of savory, tangy, salty and spicy. While this often relies on the taste preferences of bartender and drinker alike there are a few key things to keep in mind when mixing this satisfying cocktail. Firstly, choose the freshest ingredients, select a high-quality tomato juice (organic if you can find it), and a nice clean vodka that has a smooth taste. Secondly, I like to make this cocktail using a bell jigger, it’s a bartender’s tool used to measure ingredients in “parts”, and though its not necessary for this recipe I recommend it for easy mixing. Lastly, select a glass for your drink that allows room for your ice and garnish - double old fashioned glasses are great for this, or use a classic tall tumbler. The main thing to remember is that this cocktail can be tailored to your taste with just a tweak or two. Enjoy!


Written By: Ken Hyatt Food Stylist & Recipe Creator