Hot Sauce on Salad is the NEW Healthy Eating Hack

a taco salad with all the ingredients and Woos! Ultimate Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce as a Salad Dressing? Yes!

“What kind of dressing do you want on your salad?”
You’re asked this question a lot in fast-casual restaurants, and your options are invariably the same: ranch, vinaigrette, bleu cheese, maybe honey mustard.
Why not spice it up a notch?
Take that boring old ranch and throw a little hot sauce in there. Bam. Hot ranch. It’s a zesty new option for those big piles of leafy rabbit food.
Or why not go all the way? Throw some hot sauce directly onto your salad. Really zhuzh it up. Our Ultimate Hot Sauce would go beautifully on a nice chef salad. But these are just ideas. The sky’s the limit!

Throw Hot Sauce Into Your Dressings

There’s nothing less exciting than a half-finished, crusty bottle of ranch dressing. Even the name is boring. Say it out loud. Ranch dressing. Are you excited by those words? We’re not.
But what if you dumped some nice picante hot sauce into the bottle? Shake it up, watch the color go from boring to exciting, pour some onto that nice pile of kale you’re planning to eat, and watch your healthy diet soar into a new stratosphere of flavor. You’ll be amazed at the transformation.

Where Hot Sauce Shines

Hot sauce can be used on any number of different kinds of salad. A cobb salad, for instance, traditionally comes with a basic vinaigrette with some hints of lemon juice and mustard. Try adding a little bit of hot sauce to the mix, and see how it spices up your salad.
Likewise, a chef salad typically comes with bleu cheese or ranch. Try pumping up that bleu with some hot sauce and see what happens. You’ll be surprised at the new depth of flavor you’ll uncover.
Even your typical home salad with mixed greens and assorted veggies could do with a little more zazz. Adding, for example, a pineapple hot sauce to your homemade vinaigrette? Your family will swoon for it.
And think about your friends with, say, lactose intolerance, who can’t enjoy a nice ranch or bleu cheese dressing. How can you make their salads as tasty as possible? Replace the offending dairy-based dressing with a creamy avocado salad dressing with a little hot sauce mixed in there, and watch the smiles erupt on their faces.

Flip It and Reverse It

And then there’s the classic choice: a taco salad. With a taco salad, you could actually reverse this idea. Taco salads often come with guacamole as kind of a dressing. What if you added some ranch, or even a little vinaigrette, to the party? Add a whole new dimension of flavor.
The fact is that salad dressings aren’t static. You don’t have to go with the same old same old. You can spice things up – literally – by experimenting with adding hot sauce to your salad dressing. Give it a try today!