Health Benefits of Hot Sauce


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As a hot sauce lover, you know just how good a little spice and tang really can be. Adding some heat into an otherwise bland dish is the best party you’ll ever throw in your mouth.

But what if we told you that hot sauce doesn’t just please your palate, but also provides a host of health benefits?

While others may call your hot sauce use an over-indulgence, you can simply tell them it’s a health food! Here are some of the top health benefits of hot sauce, which is even more reason to keep things spicy!

Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

Move over keto and say hello to heato! Hot sauce diet, anyone? While we don’t necessarily condone a diet of just hot sauce, adding a few drops to your meals throughout the day may help you slim down.

Capsaicin, one of the main ingredients in hot sauce, increases your metabolic rate. This helps your body to burn calories more efficiently by using them for energy versus storing them as fat. The compound also decreases appetite.

Most peppers contain capsaicin, including chili peppers, cayenne peppers, and jalapeño peppers.

As an added bonus, hot sauce has very few calories. When compared to ketchup, mayo, and other condiments, hot sauce is one of the most waistline friendly options available.

It's Nutritious

When you think of nutritious foods your mind probably wonders down the fruit and vegetable aisles. But hot sauce also provides all sorts of vitamins and minerals.
Jalapeño, habanero, serrano, and other peppers are chock full of nutrients, including:

  • Vitamin A
  • B Vitamins
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Carotene
  • Folate

So each time you whip out the bottle of hot sauce, you can shake with pride and joy knowing you’re totally eating something healthy.

People Who Like it Hot Live Longer 

There are many things you can do to increase your lifespan. The keys to longevity? Plenty of sleep. Tons of water. Routine exercise. A wholesome diet. Hot sauce. And no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you!

Turns out that people who love some good heat live longer. A 2015 study conducted by Harvard and China National Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that eating spicy food once, twice, or seven days a week decreased mortality rates by 14%.

Spice Equals Smiles 

Feeling blue? Stressed after a long day at the office? Skip the hot bath and relaxing music and instead reach for the bottle (of hot sauce, this is).

When you bite into something spicy, the body releases large amounts of endorphins, namely serotonin and dopamine. These feel-good hormones work to minimize the stinging heat from hot sauce, but also reduce stress, anger and even depression.

A little mouth tingling for happiness? Sounds like a win/win to us.

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