Tangy heat on everything
you wanna eat

Small batch hot sauce that’s big on flavor, so you can savor the taste, not the burn.

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Bottle of Woos! Hot Sauce sitting on a bed of spicy pepper with a red background

For folks with darn good taste

Who is Woos?

Our Customers say it best

Great all-purpose hot sauce. So delicious! It has a really nice flavor and is not overly spicy, which makes for a good all-purpose hot sauce. This has definitely become a new staple in my hot sauce collection!

Anna F.

Great sauce for all kinds of uses, chicken, burgers, eggs. I love this on anything I want to add a little extra heat to!

Griffin B.

I have so many hot sauces that I work through every week, one for every type of meal. This one certainly stands out as a go-to. It's not overwhelming and doesn't leave your mouth on fire but adds just enough kick to wake up those taste buds!

Adam W.

Really tasty stuff, gosh darn it.*

*Translation: Dad (and family) approved hot sauce.